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Here's the 2-minute plot outline

How can one person impact a generation and bring positive change to inner cities? How can one person bring down the crime rate in a city ravaged by homicides and create a bridge for racial reconciliation? In this story you will follow the life a young Latino man named Daniel Diaz. Growing up as a Pastors kid Daniel didn’t always follow the path that his parent’s fought so hard for him to follow. Daniel ventured off to find his own way, but an encounter with God led him to a re-dedication that was real, drastic and instant. After he was done wasting years in the world he began to live everyday as if it was his last. He relentlessly pursued God and pursued people. He befriended strangers, visited the sick, fed the poor, began a youth home for at risk teens, and jumped on the bed of a truck to preach on occasion. Working with youth was a passion of Daniel’s, but what he didn’t know was that working with at-risk youth would ultimately put his life at risk. Because he lived so radically and recklessly for the Lord, how would he know that the 1st youth to graduate from the youth home that he helped build was living in gang territory. How would he know that taking that young boy home for the night would land him in a territory where gangs were rivaling, and how would he know that he would end up in the crossfire? He didn’t know, and he was tragically killed while the other youth he mentored watched in horror. How does a youth pastor, making a positive difference in this world become the 28th homicide in a city where 29 homicides were gang related? How does a family pick up the pieces? Where do they go from here? They go where God tells them to go… back into the city. Back into the city that took so much from them. Why? Because the only way to combat evil is with love. The Diaz family in goes back into the toughest gang infested neighborhood, where Daniel was killed, and does the unthinkable… they offer food, resources, free haircuts, job fairs, and racial reconciliation while uniting pastors and leaders in that city. What happens next is unbelievable, the homicide count drops by half the next year. Not stopping there but vowing to make change, a movement is started in honor of Daniel. On the anniversary of the day his life was taken, hundreds vow to do an act of kindness for somebody else. Because what if, just what if that one act of kindness can change the events of somebody else’s life. What if that one act of kindness can bridge racial tension, bring joy to someone that desperately needs it, or what if it truly shows what the love of God is in a simple and tangible way. This film is based on the true story of Daniel Diaz, his life, his death and the legacy he left behind. This film tackles the tough subjects of racism, grief and forgiveness that desperately need to be addressed in our churches and communities.